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doing theology at starbucks

Friday, 21 July 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

i have completed 2 degrees in theology, and i find myself wondering where i will “be a theologian.” we all need to hear some good news, and as a theologian, i want to share the good news of peace, love, and justice. i am a thinker. i love to think, i love to read, and i love to be present w/ complex theories…! now that i’ve finished my degrees and am a highly educated person living in the u.s. american empire, i am now working for one of the country’s more successful corporations.

upon talking w/ one of my favorite persons online who is now pastoring in MI, he mentioned that i might be able to explore a theology of service from my work in starbucks. i began thinking on this…our conversation continued…
my friend mentioned that it is like a kind of modern pastorate, and i think that might be the case. pastoring has come to be a place/location where folks preach dogma/belief. that is not how i have come to understand to vocation/job/position of pastor. my friend goes on to say that “jesus would serve coffee. well, at least paul would.” at starbucks you run into all kinds of people , and it is an interesting place to be…he goes onto say that “the spirit will bring people who need to hear the good news to you.” as i think about what that means and how that is played out, i share that i received a “welcoming” card today from the shift supervisor. and from that part of the conversation, the idea of doing theology at starbucks begins to come alive for me. i’ve not felt this in some time. i need to sit w/ it a bit!

he encourages me by suggesting: “you could right a cool book on the theology of service. or, the gospel according to starbucks. it would be a big seller.” i recall that i am very interested in border theory, feminist theory, economics, gender, migration, etc… thinking about theology in the starbucks context is a sort of hybrid theology…perhaps a mestiza theology? i think starbucks is a type of hybrid theology…i will continue to think on this.

as i think about my interests, i am interested in ethics, economics, gender, migration…and all of these issues are present in starbucks. they are present in/at starbuks in ways that they aren’t in the academy. so, i have my work cut out for me. i will begin to think on these things, and i hope that YOU out there will be in conversation w/ me about some of these things.

until then, i will head to bed shortly as i’m feeling in better emotional space…

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