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the task of theology

Thursday, 3 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

i was thinking today that cycling is a little like doing theology, especially on a day like today. i went out for a ride on the bike path today, and it had been raining and quickly began raining after a short while. i was cruising down the bike path and quickly became aware of how empty the path was. i was alone on this day. i began to think about the variety of things happening in my life currently, and then realized that on a day like today, doing theology is something that could be parallel. let me explain.

oftentimes, folks begin doing theology in community. and, to be honest, theology should be done in community. theology is not an individual exercise; it is the work and task of and for the community. yet, there are times when the task of theology becomes a very personal and day to day task. today was one of those days for me. sometimes the task of doing theology is difficult and dirty, like my bike ride today. it was raining, i had mud all over me, and i was fighting the wind off the lake. today i wasn’t riding w/ my team, w/ my cycling community; i was riding alone. and, doing theology here lately has been a task that i have been doing alone. this task has been lonely and tedious, but i have nonetheless tried to get up one more day and do it again and again and again.

i continue to learn as i have entered into a new decade of living: the task of theology is something like a spiral, as is twisting spokes on a bike. i wonder what the next phase of doing theology looks like?

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