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Sunday, 6 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

i continue to explore the issue of migration. for me today, though, its migration of blogs. blogging into oblivion is a type of migration that makes sense to me at the moment! its a way to get thoughts and ideas out there, to perhaps have a virtual conversation, and ultimately to contribute something of a public discourse to this world. when thoughts and ideas have become so privatized in the academy, faith traditions, etc., i’m hoping to ‘unveil’ or ‘unmask’ ideas that are intended to be public. ideas migrate and therefore are public by the nature of their ongoing migration. ideas sometimes become static, but their staticness is still very public.

back to the idea of today being a migration of blogs…the look has changed and the server has changed…running out of room on dot mac, so i’m trying out wordpress….i’ve heard great things about wordpress!

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