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doing theology on my day off

Tuesday, 8 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

i’m just now getting home from a day full of activities!  i woke up today, grabbed by stuff, and headed for the gym.  i was planning for a full day of workouts:  body, mind, and soul [are these three the same or different?]!  while doing my bike workout at bally’s [yes, corporate, but i have a free membership w/ the leukemia and lymphoma society], i began to think about the extreme dedication that cycling demands.  it is a lot!  becoming a cyclist is about becoming, about being formed, about discipline, and about construction.  cycling is a lot like theology.

as i continue to study theology and respond to theology, i find that i continue need to exhibit discipline and continue to be invited into the ways and forms of theology.  theology is about formation and invitation.  and while i thought about formation and invitation atop the stationary bike, i moved on to do some weight training.  this brings me to another point on becoming a cyclist and theologian.

it seems to me that ministers and academic theologians do more to massage their heads than they do to form their bodies.  focussing on my body and coming to listen to the aches and pains is important.  in fact, caring for my body as a theologian and hopeful athelete helps me have a more interdisciplinary attitude when i train.  the politics or practices of training one’s life has to include an overlap of mental, physical, and spiritual.  and in the words of mother julian:  “all will be well”

i will be riding in denver next week, and i am very excited about this!

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