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the intersection of theololgy and life

Wednesday, 9 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

it could be said that theology is as much part of life as every day life is part of theology. in fact, it is my sense that each day we recognize, deconstruct, construct or reconstruct some sort of theology. this may be an unconcious behavior on our part, but i do think we [me and you and the rest of the world] do theology.

i have been accused or rather of being too academic or theological in CPE [clinical pastoral education]. i have been criticized of being too theological in my ordination papers. today i experienced the passion of theology and every day life and was labeled as passionatefor theology. while i’m not one to embrace labels, i tend to like the idea that i am a passionate person and passionate for the work and task of theology.

today was an intersection for me; today was an opportunity for me to listen, be heard, reflect, respond and make choices. today was about being a theologian and learning how further to become a theologian. this is no easy task, but it is a task nonetheless that inspires me to live life fully. here’s the rest of the story…

after finishing my shift at starbucks this morning, i headed to the train and exited at granville where i spent a significant amount of my afternoon w/ a loyola phd student at a local artisan coffee shop. we talked about my process of pursuing a phd and how that would feel and look for me. i think about the question of vocation often as i’m schlepping coffee at the bux. “how might i contribute to life?” is a question i often ask myself. and so i concluded from this visit w/ a constructive theologian that i need to begin producing theology…not just letting it marniate in my head.

it is true that i am passionate for all things theology…i now need to expose this passion to those around me so that there will be a real live intersection of theology and life. on that note, i need to begin thinking about writing and reading and writing.

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  1. kristina
    Thursday, 10 August 2006 at 11:29 pm

    i’m diggin this 🙂

    and i’m happy to be back in your cyberspace! hope denver is rockin

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