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at an altitude of 5,280+

Tuesday, 15 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

stephanie and i drove to colorado on friday, 11 august 2006, and arrived just in time to watch the sun go down.  we left super early, 5:17am, and pulled in at 8pm.  i really enjoyed the drive, though long.  i enjoyed talking and reading aloud to stephanie while she drove.  my time w/ her is limited considering she works nights, so consolidated time w/ her during the drive was very, very pleasant.

on monday we took a trip to vail, colorado!  i rode part of vail pass on the bike.  and wow, at 8, 662 feet above sea level, did i feel it! i hope to post some pictures later on when i transfer them to the ‘puter.  today, tuesday, was a day of getting a haircut and getting ready to head to the rockies game w/ stephanie’s uncle.  he owns season tickets, and i’m looking forward to some counter conversation w/ him and stephanie tonight.  tmorrow we head to colorado springs for the evening, friday we’ll head up to ft. collins, and saturday we’ll leave.  i’m just trying to enjoy my time here and relax.

now, there might be other things that come up at an altitude of 5,280.  at times it has been a struggle to be here.  the overlooking, ignoring, or lack of recognition gets to me.  and so, i am very much looking forward to being w/ dale tonight, a fellow leftist, and perhaps help my perspective a bit.

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