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Thursday, 24 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

i have spent some time thinking about theology, my role as a theologian, and my current locus in life. i’m working at a local neighborhood starbucks. and this particular neighborhood has a particularly high population of transient, ethnic, and a large variety of other folks. having a variety of transient, mental illness patients, and ethnic persons in and around this starbucks helps me remember one of my places/loci: the place of seeing ethnic and socio-economic injustices from behind the starbucks counter. and so, i wonder what my role is as a theologian as i watch this from behind the counter at starbucks?

i don’t have a concise answer to this question that seems to be masked by a number of other questions. for example, what does theology look like in this context? is theology even present in this context? or, what would speaking about god look like from this place? as you might see, i find myself attempting to address these issues of theological concern and ultimately find myself struggling to speak about god in the context of starbucks.

my teacher, not long ago, wrote an article addressing this very issue. she addressed the struggle and necessity of speaking about god from two different places: her home ofargentina and her “new” home of babylon/u.s. american empire. i am finding myself having some energy around the issue of speaking [or attempting to speak] about god from more than one place. in my case, the place is behind the counter of a very successful,multi-national, consumeristic company: starbucks. so, what is the role of theology for me as i stand behind the counter of starbucks? how do i promote a christian ethic while i am present at this company?

it is difficult to think about speaking of god at starbucks, b/c i often find myself not engage in explicit theology. i find my conversations to be more related to politics. could my conversations that appear to be political really conversations where i am speaking about god? and if so, then, what might it mean to speak about god? i’m not convinced that my political conversations are speaking about god, but these conversations might be somewhat theological. after all, i can’t separate theology and everyday life. but, again, i find myself back at my original question: what does it mean to speak about god? what does it look like? what does it entail? this is the question i’d like to explore in the coming monthofseptember here at the blog.

i’m curious if you have ideas? questions yourself, perhaps? maybe we could collaborate?! can one speak about god from multiple places?

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