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leaving the church: being faithful?

Thursday, 31 August 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

just when i seriously think that i’m making the best decision regarding my involvement in church, i find websites where women [either pastoring or looking for pastorates] share their stories. and then, as i think about the past 15 years of professional ministry, i wonder how i can move into a different decision? after all, ministry/the church has been THE thing that has made sense to me! now what? what is the response of the faithful?

after seeing/experiencing a disastrous situation at the community church of wilmette, i’m not sure of my direction; i’m not sure of my future! and so, as i think about my direction in life, i have spent some time reading the blogs of some mof the faithful remnant–women serving or looking to serve the church.

i love the concept of the church, the new testament readings about community, and the sense of belonging the church creates and sustains. i love it! i think its the best thing we have. but, i’m not convinced we have that. we have [at least in SBC and ABC-USA life] pastoral-centered leadership, which in my opinion strengthens a hierarchal style of leadership. we have, in this sense, lost the communual-centered leadership that seems prominent the the new testament.

so, what is the faithful thing to do? does leaving the church mean that i am no longer a believer? no, i continue to believe! that is why i am taking this step. my leaving the church as it stands now is a move of faith, an attempt to follow the ways of jesus. and so, i ask for your prayers as i continue to discern the ways and forms of community as it relates to christian beliefs and practices.

and, when you have some time, should you come across this blog, check out amy butler’s blog and pastor of calvry baptist church in DC & julie pennington-russell’s writings at calvary baptist church in waco, texas!

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  1. Karen
    Friday, 13 October 2006 at 11:13 am

    Hi. I agree with your observations. Our Church just “joined” the SBC…and after 10 years, I decided it’s time to take my family and go. I have no church family…and am heartbroken.How, oh how do we have a living, loving communal church? How? Is there one out there? I have watched our church slowly, ever so slowly headed into the direction of ;WE lead, YOU just follow.

    In Jesus,

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