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labor day and the working class

Friday, 1 September 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

the labor union day is coming up…this monday!  as i think about state-sponsored holidays, i have not celebrated state-sponsored holidays.  i have celebrated christian holidays and as a person of faith have opted not to weave the state and chruch together [though in this country the state and church seem ever so close].  i heard something this morning that got me to thinking.  that is texas for–something is percolating and i’m marinating in it!

the labor unions organized a day off.  tired andn probably underpaid folks took a stand.  a day off!  the state has incorporated this holiday to recognize the hard-working individuals.  my question is whether i should celebrate with the grassroot nature this holiday offers?  what is sad to me is that we often forget about the grassroot nature and the hardwork that was put out by the labor unions.

the working class is where it is.  that is where i am currently, and what is more important is that i am learning so much about myself.  while i would love to consider pursuing a phd in religion, anthropology or sociology, my work with the common person is important and difficult.  so, what is my response to labor day?  to the grassroots effort of the labor unions a century past?  i continue to ponder it!

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