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working to end violence

Friday, 8 September 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

my blogging efforts continue!

since ending my residency as a chaplain, i have had an interesting few months.  quite honestly, i really wasn’t sure where i was headed, and i found myself very, very concerned.  here i am w/ an undergrad, master’s and professional training, but i was heading into the direction of corporate america, in particular working at starbucks.  that went ok for awhile, but  getting up at 4am and working from 5-1pm was really wearing on me, and the work was so very hard!  i found myself at an all-time low.  i considered next steps, but found myself to be in the same low space emotionally.
i joined an agency that looked for permanent and temporary work.  i was wiling to do just about anything, and i did!  i interviewed w/ a precision sheet metal factory, and i was subsequently offered the job.  i began the day after labor day [this past tuesday], and that very same day i received a phone call from a human rights agency who wanted to interview me.  it was something for which i applied a while back.  even though i knew it was a long shot, i really wanted to try for it.  so, following my second day at the sheet metal company, i interviewed for some 2 hours.  the following day my references contacted me indicating that the human rights agency had called them, and i was offered the job the very next day.  its such a great opportunity and an opportunity in my field that is stimulating and challenging! i will be servicing women who are challenged by/victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

more to come!

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