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Return to Life!

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November 17-19: Return to Life!

Three Days for Peace, Justice and Accountability

On the weekend of November 17-19, we will gather to commemorate the victims of human rights abuse, of violence, of greed, and of racial, sexual and religious discrimination. We will remember and honor their lives, their love for their communities and families and we will celebrate their resistance to oppression and injustice.

Together, in numbers too big to be ignored, we will take a stand for justice, peace and accountability and against the racist system of violence and domination that is represented by the SOA/WHINSEC. We will make our voices heard with our message that repressive military action is not the answer to the problems of the people of the world. We cannot spread freedom and democracy with bullets, and violence only creates more violence.

This year, civil rights movement leaders, torture survivors, grandmothers, war veterans, union organizers, faith communities, artists and social justice activists from around the world will join together in what may be the largest demonstration at a U.S. military base since the Vietnam War.

We will share with and learn from the lives and experiences of many social justice leaders such as:

Charles Steele Jr., one of the main organizers of the “Living the Dream” march and President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).
Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive vice-president of the AFL-CIO.
– A delegation of the Coalition OF Immokalee Workers, one of the most significant immigrant workers rights organizations in the U.S. today.
Maria Guardado, a human rights activist and torture survivor from El Salvador.
– Co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish Peace Walk Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
Patricia Isasa, human rights activists and torture survivor from Argentina.
– Founder of the Moratorium Campaign and author of “Dead Man Walking” Sister Helen Prejean.
Fernando Suarez del Solar, founder of the Guerrero Azteca Project.

We will also be blessed with the beautiful sounds and inspiring message of artists such as Holly Near, Emily Sailers of the Indigo Girls, the Chestnut Brothers, Colleen Kattau, Francisco Herrera, Jose Saavedra, David Rovics, Emma’s Revolution and more.

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