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O.J., violence, and stupid texts

Sunday, 26 November 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have waited some time to respond to the O.J. confession. A few days after I heard the news, I was equally glad to here that the O.J. text was being pulled. I have named his book and the attempts to cover the story and unmask “his” intention as merely and purely: stupid texts.

What does one say to the emergence of this sort of text? When I first heard about O.J.’s text/narrative, I couldn’t help but notice my sick feeling. I had a sick feeling for a couple of reasons: how could he even think to write something like that, and um…I wonder what it says. My curiousity is something of a nag sometimes. I can get a little obsessed. On this one, however, I found myself and my curiousity short lived. But, I couldn’t get over the fact that i had an ill feeling at the way the Judith Reagon publishers picked it up and wanted to promote it. I was pleased to see that FOX said “NO!” to it!! In what way does Judith Reagon’s support of this project help to glamorize violence and dismiss the anti-violence movement? I mean, after all, publishing and promoting and marketing such a text would inevitably be an avenue of glamorizing and promoting violence, right? Again, stupid texts!

Where do we go for texts or narratives to help guide us in responding to violence? The media is not helping our efforts to address the issue of violence. In fact, the media is purporting violence by reporting the violence and relaying the violence to us, the audience. We receive the reports and stories of violence, but we hear of very little remedies to these violent acts. We recieve reports and rants! And so, here again, the words “stupid texts” emerge in my mind!

What do you think?

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