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Marengo Illinois Police – Bad Cops

Friday, 15 December 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Marengo Illinois Police – Bad Cops
I saw this post as I was pressing “next” and wonder why and how this can happen!!

Jerry Sweat from Marengo Illinois, I noticed, had beenenjoying a lot of support. People think that it is all right for Mr. Sweat toshoot to kill two young men, both 18 years of age, who were passing through hisproperty on the way to tepee a friend’s house. Mr. Sweat originally told thepolice who arrested him that the reason he shot one of the men was because hethought he was one of the people he had a dispute with, since he had many enemies.

And there it is! We shoot those who trespass on “our” property b/c this person might very well be someone w/ whom we have a dispute. How can this happen? Really! How can it happen? I walk out of my chicago building each day to walk dogs and catch the bus, and if there is a neighbor who has unresolved issues in our neighborly relationship, then this neighbor can just haul off and shoot me/stab me…kill me! WOW! What a world in which we live!

So, we can find countless stories where people randomly perpetuate violence against our fellow human. Is it random? Where are the examples of violence? All around us, I say! We see police brutality and the ongoing policing of our streets–“random” seat belt checks and so much more!

So, bad cops? Bad suspect? I don’t know if the dualisms help, but I can say that I think the system is flawed!

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