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So, I continue my journey of finding the “end” of the internet on this Sunday morning! I sit here listening to Krista Tipett on Speaking of Faith on NPR, since I no longer practice the Christian ritual of sitting in a pew. I visited a site today. This is no surprise, but the site I visited is the site of one about whom I have had great distress and concern and loss. The site? Well, Tripp’s site. His post entitled “hmm” speaks about signing and giving voice and the commonly under-understood or misunderstood word: advocate.

We met this past Friday. I cried, felt again my deep loss of the church and what I understood as my vocation as pastor, partner in the life of resistance. I felt the distance in my own Christian identity and how this is so different from the folks in Wilmette, IL who originally agreed to ordain me. And then I remembered that I was still in need…in need of hope, faith, love, peace, and a voice. I was and am in many ways in need of an advocate. I think this is several people, but here Tripp talked about how singing could be or is a poetic way of envisioning the justice of advocating. I can only hope for this. I position myself with an attitude of loss, but perhaps I will strain toward the future which is coming toward me.

Another little move against destructiveness?  The practice of justice?  Social Justice?

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