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A Holiday Countdown

Wednesday, 20 December 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Things that make me laugh and in retrospect make NO sense:

  1. The fact that folks have a variety of Candles lit celebrating Hanukkah on December 1st. Doesn’t Hanukkah begin the week before Christians celebrate Christmas?
  2. And on that note…Why Christians celebrate their holiday with tons of lights…Are they secretly OR closeted Jews?
  3. Why in Bumblefuck, Indiana folks proclaim “This is where Jesus lost his shoes.” [This really did happen]
  4. Why when a group of folks are sitting around talking about online gaming, the supervisor in turn invites the group to consider addictions and compulsive behavior from her newfound Bible on Trauma and Recovery [which is where her therapeutic certificate is derived].
  5. How gingerbread men dance in peoples head.
  6. How my co-worker as she is leaving for the airport has a ritual because she is leaving her lighter in her desk. Post 9/11 rules and regulations, you know!
  7. How folks continue to talk about how they don’t “feel” like is Christmas. What does this even mean? How does Christmas feel?
  8. What the fascination is w/ “White Christmas”–both the movie and the reality…
  9. What really do people do when they build a snow cave [i forgot the technical world used by a Denver-it yesterday who was being interviewed on NPR]?  And for what purpose?  Is this a holiday tradition when it snows so much or simply a hope for the winter?
  10. And what of this Jesus character about whom we read and hear from a variety of places…does his story fit into American consumerism?

Things that just make me wonder…

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