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intro: the race for twenty-O-8

Friday, 19 January 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, the bids are out and are emerging for what folks are calling the race for twenty-O-8. Even the langage we are using regarding the emerging presidential “race” sounds different. What might this reveal about our standpoint concerning the nature of politics and the office of the United States Presidency?

There are now 2 Democratic candidates for the bid. I’ve been asked by a fellow classmate from college [one of my more fonder classmates] to explain the difference between the two. Now, I’m not an expert on either two, and in fact, my perspective is derived from something more particular than general. This is more of an explanation regarding from where I will depart than it is a disclaimer. I would especially appreciate some dialogue from priestlygoth, anglobaptist, and progressive baptist [including others] as I begin to blog about this. Of course, I hope that my classmate [otherwise known on here as LogsdonNomad] to contribute.

I’m off to bed to rest as I continue to recover from this nasty mess I have balled up in my chest. Thank God I don’t smoke! Of course, after learning that the nicotine levels have risen some 52% I’m not sure that I could even handle it! I’m coughing enough w/ this congestion–no need to exacerbate it with nicotine! More later on the race for twenty-O-8.

Here’s the Obama video that can be found on his site. BarackObama.com. This is an interesting video that has the potential to engage folks and invite folks into conversation and sharing a concern for the United States. Does Edwards have something similar? Has Edwards been engaging folks in this way or a similar way?

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  1. LogsdonNomad
    Monday, 22 January 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks for the Obama video. As I was viewing his video, which I believe was released before Ms. Clinton’s, I couldn’t help but feel that Ms. Clinton and/or her advisors watched it one too many times. Her “let me have a conversation with you” sounded like Obama as did the “different kind of politics.” Obama, to me, is far more genuine and engaging and far less “poll-checked.”
    It appears that Ms. Clinton always has to put a team of pollsters together to ensure that her message resonates. Sure, this is done by most politicians, however, she seems to do it whenever she speaks in front of a camera or makes a policy statement.

    Now, I am interested to see Edwards’ video to see how he stacks up with Obama. I think these three are going to formidable opponents within the party and for the Republicans. The money coffers are with Ms. Clinton, at least as it pertains to the Democratic candidates.

    I think the dark horse candidate to watch is Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico. He has a healthy and impressive resume. If I were a Democrat, he would be my frontrunner.

    That’s my two pesos on the intro to ’08. By the way, I hope the race does not get to much attention just yet, there is still much to do for our great country.


  2. Monday, 22 January 2007 at 10:27 pm

    LogsdonNomad–I think you make some interesting and evaluative points. I agree that Hillary’s video embodies a sort of Obama feel, as does Bill Richardson’s video. Each video has the sit down–I’m real feel. These two candidates are polarizing, I think, when it comes to ideology. Obama–a civil rights lawyer and community organizer on the S. side of Chicago; Hillary–a lifetime politician, former first-lady, attorney with a history of scandal.

    I am not pleased with either dominant party here in the States. I appreciate the social justice fever Dems try and give to their party, but frankly, I think they fall short. Republicans, however, are big money; big gov’t.; and seem to perpetuate this late-phase of capitalism. I’m not convinced this is helpful to our growing economic concerns and issues. What is your sense?

    The dark horse of Richardson. Let’s see! I actually kind of like him. I need to learn more, however. So much of all of what I’m hearing is backlash from folks’ concerns of Bush. What are their policies? Where do they invite conversation; where do these folks engage “our” democracy?

    More later! Yeah–amazing that the Bears won, eh?

  3. LogsdonNomad
    Monday, 22 January 2007 at 11:34 pm

    “Republicans, however, are big money; big gov’t.; and seem to perpetuate this late-phase of capitalism.”

    This phrase is, respectfully, worthy of comment. I agree with “big money.” I am all about “big money” myself (as in plenty of $). What I do not like of Bush is the way he spends what, in many cases, he does not have. In addition, the idea of “big gov’t” is typically used to describe Democrats. The bigger the gov’t, the more it wants to control its ruling and the more it wants to provide for said ruling. Republicans tend to want less gov’t in the lives of Americans, thus, let the people provide for themselves.

    Moreover, I am confused by “this late-phase of capitalism.” By this statement, you assume to know its ending and have a precedent of measurement for its conclusion. The present day capitalism has seen more Americans owning their own home and a current unemployment rate that is ranked among the best in the past three decades. I believe it appears to be doing fine. The Dow and Nasdaq are doing well. My portfolio, as well as many others, is stable and the average mortgage rate is still below 7.3%. Compare that to a mortgage rate of 25 years ago that was well above 10%.

    I agree with your remarks regarding the notion of new ideas and conversations that are not just complaints about Bush and his administration. I am always bothered by those who whine about an issue and have no ability to offer a valuable and working solution.

    Oh well, I guess the wheat will not be sepearted from the chaff for a while now.


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