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another Project Irene

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Project IRENE

Access to Recovery, Care and Housing (ARCH)
Grant Monies

Many women who have drug addictions cycle in and out of state-funded 28-day treatment programs, jails and prisons.  The majority of these women are mothers with dependent children.  Providing adequate, affordable housing with supportive services and job training is a fiscally responsible solution to maintain their recovery and to assure the holistic development of their children as well as reduce crime and recidivism.

A 2006 report released by the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy shows that between 1983 and 2002 there has been an over 5000 percent increase in women incarcerated for drug possession in Illinois.  These women are the fastest growing segment of Illinois’ prison population.  Very few of these women are able to access services.  Children are also victims in this reality.

Access to housing, job training and recovery services works and is much less expensive than our current Illinois system of repeat arrest, detention, incarceration.  Referral options for women who are striving to get healthy are very limited in our state.  If these women were able to access housing, job training and recovery services their children would benefit.  The state would benefit also because they would become taxpayers instead of tax-users.

The Sheridan Correctional Center for men has been extremely successful in providing services and reducing recidivism.  Women need these opportunities as well.

Write a letter to Governor Rod Blagojevich, State Capitol, Springfield, IL  62706.  Ask him to include as a line item $5.7 million in the Fiscal Year 2008 budget for housing, recovery services and job training for 200 women throughout the state that are on probation, supervision, parole. (Note:  Some of you were contacted before to write this letter in a little different form.  If you have already written, take a break!)

Please send a cc to Ms. Ginger Ostro, Office of Management and Budget, State Capitol, Springfield, IL  62706.

Thank you
If these monies are included in the final FY 2008 budget, many children will be reunited with their mothers instead of being separated by prison walls.  And mothers will receive the support services and housing needed to stay with their families on a long term basis.  Thank you for taking this action.

Rose Mary Meyer, BVM
Project IRENE
2319 Clarence
Berwyn, IL 60402
708 484-0270
708 484-8373 fax

Join Project IRENE in advocating for justice
regarding women and children in Illinois!

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