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Tuesday, 6 February 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Occupy Congressional Offices to End the War in Iraq

Ten anti-war activists led by Father Jerry Zawada were arrested today on orders from Senator John McCain’s office after members of the peace groups CODEPINK, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and Veterans for Peace tried to meet with the Senator’s legislative aide to discuss defunding the war. Activists sang the names of the 75 US servicemen and women from Arizona who have been killed in the war in Iraq, interspersed with the names of Iraqi civilians killed, and collectively chanted “We remember you,” after each name and dropped a flower petal on the ground. They delivered framed photos of Iraqi civilians and US soldiers from Arizona who have been killed in Iraq and carried banners reading “Stop Funding War!” and “Americans Want a Prez for Peace”. This is just the start of a national campaign of nonviolent occupations of the offices of Congress Members who support the war and the war-president. Let them have a tiny sense of what Iraqis are experiencing – let them feel a tiny sliver of the inconvenience of an occupation. Let’s get them to behave like we have a democracy! In Fairbanks, Alaska, actions are underway at the offices of Senators Murkowski and Stevens and Representative Young. In Northern Alabama, join a sit-in inside or a demonstration outside the office of Representative Bud Cramer. In Arizona, creative demonstrations are being organized against Senator John McCain. Activists in Los Angeles have planned protests at various offices. In the South Bay, sit-ins are underway in the offices of Representatives Honda, Lofgren, and Eshoo. In Des Moines you can sit-in at the offices of Senator Grassley and Rep. Boswell. In Illinois, the focus is on Representatives Jesse Jackson, Ray La Hood, and Mark Kirk, and Senators Richard Durbin and Barack Obama. All over Minnesota, every Tuesday, constituents will enter the offices of their Congresspersons and Senators at 9:00 am and begin a vigil until 5:00 pm or whenever the offices close. Actions are underway in Portland OR, St. Louis and Seattle as well. Join these actions – or organize your own!


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