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celebrating federal holidays?! and, i have survived the DRAMA!

Sunday, 11 February 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is getting late on this Sunday evening!  I have had a full day–for sure!  My spouse is has an interview for medical school tomorrow in Atlanta and was scheduled to fly out at 4:35.  Driving back into the city to workout after making the drop at the airport, I received a phone call alerting me that my spouse did not have a credit card!  [apparently, it was left in the ATM machine!]  So, I scrambled, drove like a crazy person back to our condo, grabbed the extra card, and broke every imaginable traffic law in my attempt to make it back to the airport!  I left the city at 4pm, made it to the Kennedy expressway by 10 or 15 minutes after 4, and pulled up to the United terminal at 4:20.  My spouse’s seat was given away, and after begging and pleading and explaining that “I have a medical school interview tomorrow in Atlanta, and there are no more flights with seats.  Please, I need to get on this flight!”  A volunteer exited the plane, and my spouse boarded.  Now in Atlanta and hopefully getting some rest, my spouse has finally beat me with the drama!  A friend recommended that I purchse a shirt detailing how I survived the spousal drama!

Now, federal holidays!  I’ve never been one to celebrate state sponsored holiday!  No thanksgiving, labor day, memorial day, or other state sponsored holidays for me!  As a Christian, I have historically only celebrated holidays that fell within the liturgical calendar.  Now working for the government, I am awarded 13 federal/state holidays!  But, here I am–statying up late blogging, watching the TV, and befuddled at that notion that your taxes and mine are paying for my day off tomorrow and the following Monday!


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