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life: what it is

Wednesday, 14 February 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is Wednesday today–the middle of the week, but it sure feels like it is Friday!  Though I had Monday as a day off, I sure feel tired!  Perhaps its the weather and the drama that has ensued as a result of the weather?

The weather in Chicago is certainly giving all of us a run for our scarfs, peacoats, and boats–I mean boots!!  This weather has presented us with a variety of challenges; one of which is the ability to find ways to cope with the combination of snow and blowing snow.  And, if you’re a commuter, then you might find yourself leaving your house up to one full hour with the hopes of boarding either a CTA bus, train or Metra line. 

Certainly, the weather has brought us challenges!  In fact, as I scrolled through the Chicago Tribune this morning, I noticed how cheery and calm people seemed to be.  There were, of course, the ones who were frustrated with the weather, and these are the same folks who are frustrated with the beautiful springs and summers we have!  These, unfortunately, are not credible sources!  Take for example this woman who is carrying her Starbucks!  She seems to be enjoying the weather quite nicely and even sporting a smile!

guys shoveling in chicago

Even the guys here are working together in attempt to figure out how to shovel this mess of a snow storm!  The picture of the guys here [I’m making an assumption that they are all guys] are a great visual metaphor to the ways in which Chicago has partnered with me these 4 years that I’ve lived here!  This is probably the first winter in the 4 years I’ve lived here where the snow has just dumped on us in the manner it did yesterday!  But, its not the snow that gets me or evokes this blog entry!  For me, its been the constant communication that folks have had with one another:  the text messages, the IMs, the emails, the phone calls.  These have all served to make a connection with the other.  More importantly, folks have come together to help shovel the sidewalks, the alleys, the cars, and so much more.  Despite the 8-12 million people who live here, the city maintains a spirit of community!  I find this ever more interesting–that there is a sense of community in the midst of what is termed “secular” and rooted in the urban scheme and corporate americanisms of life.

When I think of community I think of my training as a theologian and the separate or “holy” spaces full of rituals and perhaps icons–most often called churches, synagogues, and mosques.  I have not thought about community in this way, but seeing the variety of people who come together to participate in well-being checks, shoveling parties and so much more, has been an invitation for me to deepen my understanding of community.

This might be my last winter in Chicago, IL, and if this is the case, then my time in Chicago has been so much more than I ever could have expected!  The Spirit of Life has certainly been close to me these 4 years, and if shoveling parties are my departing reminder of comunity, then great!  I can still theologize about shoveling parties in chicago as a framework of understanding community!

Stay Warm!  Be Safe!

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