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some folks are basket weavers! i’m a basket winnter

Thursday, 15 February 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wouldn’t you know that the very “holiday” that drives me batty is the very holiday where gift baskets are put together for folks to win?!  V-Day is a day where violence against women sky rockets!  V-Day is a day when women seek to take back their lives, their voices, and their bodies! 

So, what is this about me being a basket winner?  Well, not long ago when I went to Aveda [ok, I admit that I enjoy a good salon/hair cut experience], I was encouraged to put my name in the hat for this HUGE basket.  I had actually forgotten about it until I felt my phone buzz when I was out to lunch w/ my colleague.  I thought to myself “why is Aveda calling me?”  Well, I won the “Valentines Gift Basket!  I called and mentioned that I’d be up after 4pm, and then asked what exactly is in the basket?!  There are hair products, gift certificates, and stuff to make a lady feel mighty fine!  There you have it!  I’m going to pick it up when I get off.

i'm the vday basket winner!

 You might be interested in where I go for my all natural, all organic spa/salon time!  I head over to Lakeview here in the city and book my appointments w/ Gina Elise at Gordon Salon, Lakeview!

So!  When you see me on the street, I’ll be sporting the many Aveda products!  All natural–All animal friendly–All the time–and nothing else!  Nothing but the earth and nothing but good stuff in my hair and on my body!!


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