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friday’s news blast

Friday, 23 February 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

This Chicago Friday is proving to be quite nice–a fair amount of work completed, a nice lunch at 2pm, and now some news!

 As many of you know [and for those of you who don’t], I tend to get my news from Alternet.org.  Independent media source that is akin to NPR–except a bit more left leaning!  So, here’s the buzz over at Alternet:

These are issues that are close to me:  issues concerning national borders and national identity as well as the basic and fudamental human right of access to medical care.  If it weren’t for my birth mother have been brought to the “US” side of Mexico, she perhaps wouldn’t have had access to a US identity.  And, if I didn’t have the job that I have today, I wouldn’t have access to healthcare. 

The privatized for-profit world [read US American empire] keeps the for-profits going!

In other news: 

  • I have a birthday celebration for my favorite [well, they are equally my favorite] San Fran guy:  Tim!

  • And, I’m resting this weekend–my cold has gotten me down.  So, minimal blogging this weekend, though I am working on the Borders essay–a bit more reading to do before I begin posting over at iRobyn.com, but I look forward to some comments [Kris, etc…]

Have a smashing Friday!

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