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Elderly Detroit man dying after hate crime

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Now is the time to speak out against violence! There is no reason why any person should face this sort of trauma. When will folks ever be safe?

February 23, 2007
Family: Elderly Detroit man dying after hate crime
Joe Menard / The Detroit News
DETROIT — A 72-year-old Detroit man attacked outside his apartment building 10 days ago and left paralyzed from the neck down is clinging to life at an area hospital in what his family has called a hate crime.
Andrew Anthos was on a city bus on his way home to the Windsor Tower apartments on Antietam in Detroit around 7 p.m. Feb. 13 when a man approached him and asked him if he was gay, Anthos’ family said he told police before he slipped into a coma. The man, who continued to harass Anthos and called him derogatory names, followed Anthos off the bus at the stop in front of his building and attacked him with a metal pipe, striking him from behind, police said. The attacker left him on the snowy sidewalk.
Anthos was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where doctors performed emergency spinal surgery but were unable to reverse the paralysis. He is now in a coma and not expected to live past the weekend, his family said.
“There’s nothing else they can do but keep him comfortable,” said his niece, Athena Fedenis, 45. “He wasn’t robbed. It strictly was a hate crime. This monster gave Andrew a slow, painful death.”
Detroit Police Sgt. Ryan Lovier said police are investigating whether the attack was a hate crime. His family said Anthos, who turned 72 on Monday, is gay.
So far no witnesses have come forward, and police have only a vague description of the attacker Anthos was able to give before falling into the coma. Lovier said he hopes someone from the bus saw something and will notify police.
“We’re trying to figure out what bus he was on and if the bus driver or anyone else saw anything,” he said.
Fedenis said the family believes somebody must have seen something — either on the bus or in front of the apartment building — and hopes they step forward.
“Our family is just sick. We can’t understand why someone would do something like this,” she said.
Police are asking anyone with information on the attack to call investigators at (313) 596-1140.
You can reach Joe Menard at (313) 222-2296 or jmenard@detnews.com.
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