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Project Irene: SB 75 First Offender Probation Bill (Prostitution)

Tuesday, 27 February 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

 Project IRENE:
SB 75     First Offender Probation Bill  (Prostitution)

SB 75 allows judges to have an option to sentence those charged with first time felony prostitution to an alternative probation in lieu of prison time.  At sentencing time, the judge will decide whether or not the offender is eligible for this sentencing option and will define services which can include housing assistance, trauma and substance abuse counseling and job training.

After successful completion of the 24 months of probation, the case is dismissed and the offender avoids having a felony conviction.  This option currently exists for first time, low level felony drug offenders.

The vast majority of persons in prostitution suffer from long-term physical and emotional pain, often resulting in mental illness, physical disabilities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  These experiences often result in a person’s inability to maintain stable employment.  Without employment, housing options dwindle.

Contact your State Senator during the week beginning Feb. 26 regarding SB 75, First Offender Probation Act.

Contact Rose Mary Meyer, BVM (projectirene@aol.com) and let her know how your Illinois State Senator is voting on this issue.  Include the name of your Illinois State Senator.

Thank you
This bill will make a profound difference in the lives of many charged with first time felony prostitution.  Receiving supportive housing if needed and supportive services will impact their future.  Thank you for taking action.

Rose Mary Meyer, BVM
Project IRENE
708 484-0270
708 484-8373 fax

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