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MARCH 13-15th 2007

Hundreds of immigrants from the border region and interior communities will come together in Washington to present their voices, demands, ideas, proposals and concerns to members of Congress and the current Administration on the need for comprehensive immigration reform. The immigrant community delegations will specifically emphasize on the following:

  • The urgency to implement a broad and serious legalization program with access to permanent residency for immigrant workers and families already in the US.
  • The revision of the current border and interior enforcement policies, and the creation of effective accountability mechanism to protect human and civil rights.
  • To establish new programs to allow immigrant workers to come to the US legally, orderly, without violence and with rights.
  • To reassure protection of labor rights of immigrant workers
  • An overhaul of the immigration administrative procedures and structures to eliminate backlogs and expedite, among other things, the adjustment of status, asylum and refugee applications.
  • Develop effective programs of integration to allow immigrant fully participate and engage in the social, economic and political life of the US society.
  • To restore due process and court discretion in the matters related to immigration detentions and deportations.
  • To open substantial discussion and analysis of the root causes of immigration and to develop long-term policies to address such causes.

Make a contribution now to support immigrants organizing for human rights.

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