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blogging for women’s|womyn’s|wimmin’s rights: little moves against destructiveness

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This is FEMINIST Space. This is the world today! A world that seeks to untangle the vices of oppression…that world just happens to be a whole bunch a BLOGGERS!Blog Against Sexism Day Today, 08 March 2007, is celebrated as International Women’s Day, and a day that is remembered every year [the first Thursday of March] to recall the past and present sexism and oppression, cultural memory and hope toward the future for the freedom and liberation for all women and children. My own personal belief is that each day should be celebrated as women’s liberation day and the end of sexism–just like each day should be celebrated as Black History Day instead of just ONE month to celebrate Black History!

I join with the world to bear witness to women past, present and future, and to break the silence concerning sexism and gender oppression. The intersections of race, class, gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality and their shared oppressions come together today as we celebrate women past and hope for the elimination of any and all oppressions!

I joined a [virtual] community of bloggers who made a [virtual] commitment to blog on 07 March 2007 around the issues of sexism, the damage of male privilege, and women’s liberation. I placed brackets around the term “virtual” to hopefully represent the complex nature of society and the constantly emerging cybersociety. The cybersociety that I joined and committed to blog about issues important to women and other marginalized persons is a group of bloggers committed to removing the brackets of gender and sex–helping to make an active and critical contribution to the world, both virtual and “real.” As I think about the liberation of women and gender, I think about my own story, a story that is haunted and framed by male privilege and a story that is indebted to the women and voices that have gone before me.

Blog Against Sexism Day

Something that I am constantly reminded about is my own struggle to be free and my own struggle to resist the privilege I am handed as a person educated by the university systems. I fight the temptation to be silent when I should speak out. I struggle to sometimes translate [what I find to be empowering and transformative] feminist theory to others who just can’t see the problems of the gender hierarchy and the privilege of men, and yet I find myself thoroughly committed to the principles of feminism[s] and the challenge to help create/co-create a world free of oppression and hatred for the Other. So, may this entry be the witness of my own path of struggle and hope; a path where I have come to own and exercise my own voice in a crowded and male dominated society.

Blog Against Sexism DayThank you to the women who have gone before me, the women who have partnered with me and those who are yet to come. There are feminist men who want women, girls, boys, and other men to grow into identity that is pro-women and anti-oppression/anti-sexist! Thank you to them [those feminist men and women] who fight tooth and nail to bring about the future of freedom and liberation! And, thank you to Taking Place who is committed to a feminist analysis and for the use of these banners!

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    And thank you:)


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