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lifesource donation & sangria

Saturday, 24 March 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is early here in Chicago…I arose at 7.  I’m enjoying the news and have even seen a friend this morning who dropped off my forgotten cookbook!  I’ve perused the Mich. Womyn’s Music Festival materials from the past 7 years, and I thought that I would give some helpful advice.

Wanting to remain committed to social justice in the health arena and helping out those who are ill and/or in need of blood, platelets, etc., I managed to give a whole bag of blood in less than 10 minutes yesterday!  I used my lunch hour to do this!  The donation went fine.  This, of course, after they were able to get the needle into my arm [oh how I could never be an IV drug user] and into my vein–the vein was under the needle?  Feeling a bit woozy, the donation is complete!  I grabbed some Oreo cookies and some cran-raspberry juice and I was on my way back upstairs.  I was advised to keep myself hydrated!  Not a problem, right?  After all, I drink water throughout the day!

I made my way home feeling alright–no longer woozy or feeling weird!  I enjoyed a beer [Dog Fish Ale]while cooking my salsas [green and red] and preparing dinner.  Now, I also had plans to enjoy some sangria during dinner [we had a friend over for our big feast dinner…], but never did I think that I would drink 1.5 glasses of sangria and consequently find myself pale and feeling as though I would soon vomit!

The food was great!  The company was phenomenal!  However, may I make a suggestion to NOT give blood and consume any amount of alcohol [how ever small] on the same day.  Apparently, one needs at least 24 hours to recover from the blood that one donates.

I was feeling horrible once the alcohol began to metabolize!  1.5 glasses of sangria and a bottle of beer felt like 6 bottles of wine!  It was HORRIBLE!  I quickly went to bed by 11pm and was up at 7am!

A new day…I have replenished my blood, hopefully!  And, another dinner party to go; however, I will not be donating blood today!

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