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from god is dead to a dark saturday

Saturday, 7 April 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I was leaving work yesterday, several people wished me a “happy holiday!”  I found myself puzzled wondering what social/civil holiday it was.  There isn’t!  It is a Christian Holiday, Jewish Holiday, Orthodox Holiday, and some others, I’m sure.  Apparently that statement [have a happy holiday] is a sort of obligatory statement!  Mostly, I didn’t respond to these statements.  Civil religion/obligatory religionists have never sat well w/ me!  And so, I carried on “normally” on a day where many celebrated the death of god…or, more aptly, grieved the death of god.

Yesterday was the death of god and perhaps the realization of my own reality…and today, it is a dark Saturday…I will live in this darkness for a bit–reading and writing in preparation for doctoral studies!  I appreciate Alexander and his encouragement during this dark time; we are sojourners together as we move toward more degrees and bigger and better things.

And so, I’m in darkness for a moment–have signed up to volunteer when the Dalai Lama comes to Chicago, am preaching in June at a United Methodist Church, and will continue on…being a public theologian finding a place in anthropology.

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