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friday’s search for a sidecar and today’s sultry saturday

Saturday, 14 April 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have had a relaxing Saturday, after, of course, an absolutely hilarious search for a sidecar martini w/ Tim and Stephanie! What a trip we had! The edgewater lounge was amazing: full of great microbrews and great vegetarian food! After the Edgewater Lounge, we were in search of a sidecar martini–the martini of all martinis! Now, I’m not a swanky drinker–I like my microbrews and a nice pinot noir or malbec–but last night we were in search for the swanky martini bar that would pull a sidecar.

After leaving the Edgewater Lounge, we went to Simon’s in Andersonville, asked for a sidecar and were given a look as if we were speaking some tribal language that no longer existed! We quickly left Simon’s and then went up the street to Faragut’s, where of course, they tried their best! Let me also mention that we found great parking on Clark St.; the rest of the night’s search would not yield such great parking or search for parking! So, back at Faragut’s, Grandma Bartender, after asking another bar-back if they could make a sidecar, turned to us and wanted to know what was in it. We told her. I looked at Tim and asked him if we’d actually get a sidecar? His reply? “Probably not!” So, Grandma Bartender pulled out the martini glasses and the Tupperware of sugar to eventually hand us a sugar dipped glass of a “tasty” sidecar. We drank, we questioned whether it was a sidecar, and we left!

ONTO Boystown…surely the swanky gay men of Chicago have a martini bar!

Once in Boystown we looked and looked for parking–to no avail! We continued onward south to Wriggleyville. We were 3 determined folks looking for a sidecar! After looking for 20 or 30 minutes for parking, we finally find a place right on Clark St. Our driver was determined and patient, though very much just ready for us to get our sidecar and get us home. We circled and circled Wriggleyville…we finally find a place…right in front of the great martinia bar Moxie…so we thought!

We hit up Moxie, a nice tapas/small plates lounge-esque type place that also does martinis! They didn’t have a clue what we were talking about when we asked for a sidecar! We moved on to Tryst…same story there, too! When I presented my ID, I asked the guy [who I think was an important person, maybe the owner or manager if we could get a sidecar, and he was sure–very certain that we could]! We asked for a sidecar at the bar, and the dude [actually resembling a surfer dude] looked at us crazily! We headed out the door, and I mentioned to the same, very sure and certain man that he didn’t know what was in a sidecar! He totally wanted to hook us up! He said wait–I’ll get you your sidecar…didn’t happen!


Went to the Colona bar…where they advertise $5 martinis…but NO. They don’t know how to make it and when we tell them what’s in it, they mention that they’re out of Brandy! So…NEXT…a sushi restaurant…surely, they’ll know how to make a sidecar and be able to hook us up! We walk in, are asked how we can be helped, we place our order [the infamous and much desired sidecar martini], and are subsequently told that the bar is closed! WHAT?! Where the hell am I? So, we move on…go to the bar next to the sushi place who then informs us that they’re out of brandy; but, they do have cognac! WHAT! I’m looking for a sidecar–not wine or aged wine! We spot a Bar Louie! Now, I’m thoroughly opposed to the whole chain food places…but, surely Bar Louie has a sidecar…we show ID, head up to the bar, ask for a sidecar…”what’s in it,” the bartender asks! Here we go again, looking at Tim! We tell him what’s in it, and he makes this kool-aid of a mixed drink and places it in a plastic cup. OH MY GOSH! Where am I???? Frat-boy city?! So, we try to get this plastic cup drink down…..I in turn am passing the time by looking at the menu where I see they have mojitos! I love me a good mojito! I ask about them and if they’re good? The server, after offering to bring Stephanie a soda on her, says…here–try the mojito! Again, plastic cup, not sweet and crisp like El Platiyo’s mojitos and just NOT GOOD! We ask for the bill! [wait til you hear this part!]…28.00 bucks….WHAT????? They charged us for 4 drinks, not 2! I give them my card, we leave in a huff, and head back tot he car…we get home, look at the bank balance, and that plastic cup serving bar called BAR LOUIE overcharged MY card!

It was 2am and I headed to bed!

So, a sultry and relaxing Saturday it has been!

I’m thinking about the sermon I’m preaching in June, thinking about the essay on migration I need to finish, and thinking about getting Chipotle for supper!

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