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I am inviting you to join an international initiative of “Standing Women” by joining other women all over the world at 1PM on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13. This call for action was initiated by women in Ohio who have called the women of the world to join in such standing in their own cities and towns across the United States and in many other countries. Their web site, http://www.standingwomen.org” lists hundreds of sites in the US and 36 other countries where these public park events are already scheduled to be in solidarity on May 13. The inspiration for this event comes from the book called, “The Great Silent Gathering of Grandmothers”. Author Sharon Mehdi described one elderly woman seeking a way to change the world, who stood in a park in Ashland, Oregon , silently, day after day until she attracted the attention of others in her town. When they questioned her she answered only, “I am standing to save the world”. Newspapers and TV publicized this small town event and woman after woman, then families, joined her in this silent plea for peace and a effort to create a world where children could grow up without fear of violence in their home, their neighborhood, their school and their state and country. And soon, women were standing in quiet spaces everywhere. Now this initiative is being replicated around the world by women like Rebecca Nelson in Ohio and her mother and others in Pilgrim Place in Claremont, California. On the day on which we honor Mothers, women standing with families, friends and strangers will remind us that “Saving the World” is possible. And standing in solidarity for five minutes of silence may prompt some serious discussions of how to begin. . Check out the website to see how this initiative is growing daily, email your friends, join a gathering in your neighborhood, town, or city, or go with or without your family to a public space on your own to be in solidarity with other women to SAVE THE WORLD! We’re doing quite a piece of work on this in Claremont, California–have delivered 900 copies of cards and flyers. Hope you’ll pass this on to others–and do it in your communities, too!

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