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thinking out loud: vocation, life and a myriad of other things

Tuesday, 22 May 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

While I’ve been working on getting baptistnomad.com up and running, I’ve also had some other things on my mind:

  1. the sermon I’m to preach
  2. the ongoing war
  3. my training
  4. vocation & life

Now, these don’t necessarily come in that particular order, but I sure do feel the pressure of one or several every now and again.  When I consider life at present, it seems pretty dull and bleak and unfulfiling, but I’m hopeful that recent conversations will help for me to find solace and meaning in a variety of loci.  Locus–what an interesting word.  While I pen this following consuming my lovely lunch, I’m reminded of a quote that helps me be comfortable with the now, the present, the challenging and the questionable:

we always begin as already having begun. . . “I” am always beginning or, more precisely, am always beginning again.” -Mark C. Taylor

This is my current locus…the always in motion, moving, traversing.  Preparing each week for my training, preparing for this sermon or preparing to have conversation regarding vocation and life is my attempt [my honest attempt] to always be beginning again, and again, and again, and again.  I’m convinced that this is when love is born–in that cycle [hermeneutical spiral?] of beginning.

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