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Tuesday Blast: Funkadesi

Tuesday, 22 May 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thanks to the Chicago Foundation for Women’s Tuesday’s blast, I have pulled out just a portion of it and posted it here! CFW provides some very helpful and insightful information; I hope you get the sense that your consciousness is being raised by reading it here!


Hannah Rosenthal will be honored today in a ceremony at New York’s Tavern on the Green by Women’s eNews as one of this year’s 21 Leaders for the 21st  Century. Rosenthal, the only one from the Chicago area this year, joins an elite, diverse, international and multigenerational group.  “We singled Hannah out because of the Foundation’s extraordinary violence prevention initiative. It is just one example of how she is helping change the face of women’s philanthropy,” said Rita Henley Jensen, editor in chief of the international news service.

Jennifer L. Berdahl at the University of Toronto published “The Sexual Harassment of Uppity Women,” a study that found women who defy gender roles at work are harassed more often than feminine women. So-called sexual harassment is more like “gender harassment…motivated by hostility toward individuals who violate gender ideals rather than by desire for those who meet them,” Berdahl wrote.


Homophobia hits home

Michelle Wang said she told the homeless shelter worker on the phone that she was tired and cold after moving out of the apartment she shared with her girlfriend. The worker did not understand, so Wang finally said she was a lesbian. She was put on hold and then told there were no rooms at New Life Interim Housing in Rogers Park. The ACLU says that was not the case. Wang plans to file a lawsuit with the ACLU’s help charging discrimination based on sexual orientation. The shelter denies the charges. One of the best ways to end discrimination is to speak up. But it is not easy. Applause to Michelle and the ACLU. Read the Tribune story.

Breaking news about the news

Twelve million people watch the Sunday morning talk shows and whom do they see? White men—who outnumber women four to one and people of color seven to one, according to Media Matters for America’s recently released report, “Sunday Shutout.” Diversity is also lacking on the evening news. This is an important study but it’s not new. It’s part of a pattern—women are not sources in newspapers, magazines and television. This has been chronicled by various studies for more than two decades. At a time when many media outlets are struggling for women readers and viewers, don’t you think someone would make the connection? 

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