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important INFO, news, etc

Friday, 25 May 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Now for some very important news:

The first is from a fellow blogger and friend [not necessarily in that order].  You can find her blog muddled ramblings at this link. The second is the unfortunate news of the reality in which we’re living:

  • Ok, so I’m copying and pasting an email

Hey-I just saw that  Jacqueline Taylor is coming to Women and Children First (I love that place) on Thursday, June 21, 7:30 p.m.- You referredto her book on your blog, so I though that I’d give you a heads up if you didn’t already know.  Meg t r u t h o u t | 05.25

  • Greg Palast | The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom
    Greg Palast writes: “In her opening testimony yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee, Monica Goodling, the blonde-ling underling to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Department of Justice liaison to the White House, dropped The Big One…. And the committee members didn’t even know it.”Some Democrats Call War Funding Vote “Capitulation”
    Congress passed a $120 billion Iraq war funding bill backed by President Bush on Thursday night as Democrats splintered over what some are calling “capitulation.”Roll Call: Who Voted to Continue Funding the Occupation
    http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/052507L.shtml A state-by-state list of who in the US Senate and House of Representatives voted to continue funding Bush’s occupation of Iraq.US Funding Mexican Wiretapping Program
    Mexico is expanding its ability to tap telephone calls and email using money from the US government, a move that underlines how the country’s conservative government is increasingly willing to cooperate with United States on law enforcement.

    Norman Solomon | Deadly Illusions, Rest in Peace
    “This week’s cave-in on Capitol Hill – supplying a huge new jolt of funds for the horrific war effort in Iraq – is surprising only to those who haven’t grasped our current circumstances…. No matter how many Democrats are in Congress, they won’t end this war unless an anti-war movement develops enough grassroots strength to compel them to do so,” writes Norman Solomon.

    New Bush Scandal Helping Big Oil Companies Hide Billions From Government at Taxpayer Expense
    Oil companies leasing federal land to drill for oil are required to pay the government royalties based on a percentage of their sales. But under the Royalty-in-Kind program, the companies can pay in the form of oil and gas instead of cash. The problem is that oil and gas prices have increased more than the value of the oil and gas royalty revenues being received, meaning that the oil companies are managing to withhold a growing amount of their profits from Uncle Sam.

    Ethics Legislation Easily Passes House

    Prodded by Democratic leaders and by freshmen elected partly on promises to clean up Washington, the House approved new ethics legislation yesterday that would penalize lawmakers who receive a wide range of favors from special interests, and require lobbyists to disclose the campaign contributions they collect and deliver to lawmakers.

    VIDEO | Keith Olbermann: The Entire Government Has Failed Us on Iraq
    Keith Olbermann presents a special comment on betrayal saying, “For the president – and the majority leaders and candidates and rank-and-file congressmen and senators of either party – there is only blame for this shameful and bi-partisan betrayal.”

    VIDEO | Cate Woodruff: Margaret Lazarus Documents Human Rights Violations
    Cate Woodruff interviews Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Margaret Lazarus, who has been confronting issues and encouraging social consciousness in documentary films for over 25 years, about her film “Rape Is….”

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