chicago foundation for women: advocacy, research and policy
women watch: gender mainstreaming
dyke dolls: a just purchase…attempting to deconstruct the social construction of the male dominated gender and attempting to de-privilege male superiority!

new democratic party: Canada’s social justice party–MY choice!
peggy nash: MP for Parkdale-High Park, Toronto, ON
cheri dinovo: MPP for Parkdale-High Park, Toronto, ON
ONE: Bread for the World–Seeking Justice. Ending Hunger.

noteworthy blogs|sites
kristna gebhard -uniting methodism from the blizzard
dan harlow -give me back MY god: a nice atheistic place for critical theists and others
thinking girl: my newfound place for feminist philosophy and the feminist criticism of culture and politics!
taking place: using voice and virtual space to end sexism and violence against women and other marginalized people
daily dose of queer -traversing and queering all in a daily dose
tripp hudgins -catholic baptist in process to the episcopacy
j.c. baker -a migrant progressive baptist and my favorite N.T. scholar!
amy lame -london jersey chair for reclaiming anglican jouisance
the disseminary
a.k.m. adam – part I of the disseminary
trevor bechtel – part II of the disseminary
larry kamphausen – iconographer or iconographers
geoff holsclaw – everything comes up POMO
jennifer collins – is there really a scandal of particularity? check out this site!
micah jackson – chief librarian st jerome’s library
robb moore – another baptist being a true[?] baptist!

think tanks
University of Illinois Chicago
Emory Univeristy
: phd…it may be?
University of birmingham: a phd possibility

independent media center
the raw story: alternative to what is produced on television presenting the underplayed, underwritten, and invisible stories!
Alternet: another alternative to the mass media of NBC, ABC, CBS, and the cable channels of CNN, MSNBC and Fox!the message is the mix/mix is the message!
common dreams: news for the progressive community
independent media center: grassroots making a difference
guerrilla news network: representing all persons speaking out concerning news & politics! a must read!!!

good reads
christiancentury: A bit of a queerying of what you might hear in Sunday School!
arts and letters daily

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