Welcome to baptistnomad dot com.

This site is a compilation of my ongoing attempts to construct and emody critical responses to life engaging politics, religion, ethics, and ideas. baptistnomad dot com is an online space to write and exchange ideas.

In the beginning my website was a combination of my efforts to weave together the systematic nature of theology with the life lived in a urban setting! Those first attempts were while I was pursuing graduate work. What is the purpose of this site today, post-academy, post-formal study?

What I can say is that this site is my third attempt to synthesize theology, ethics, politics, religion, meaning, lived experience and migration in a blog format. Writing and responding to politics, religion, ethics, and ideas requires several components: sustained energy to construct a response, and the patience in learning how best to respond in a constructive and critical mrobyn in canadaanner. For me, this means responding to life/culture/present narratives from a theological, sociological, nomadic, Latina, feminist and critical perspective. The evolution of this site, then, is my honest and intentional effort to fuse or weave the nomadic & polyglot contours of my assimilated life with a critical and interdisciplinary perspective. This perspective is derived from constructive theology, sociology, anthropology, nomadic theory, Latino[a] studies, and feminist theories by utilizing the a variety of hermeneutical tools and mixed methods research tool.

I reside in Chicago, IL, a metropolitan city to which I have migrated and place of urban decay where I have been trained as a feminist liberation theologian. The nature of blogging is quite possibly THE postmodern expression of narrative[s] and/or hypertextuality where there is a need to always be analyzing and evaluating. Blogging is therefore the medium, platform, and locus of my critical engagement and essays. The narrative in this sense is always en route or in process. The analysis and evaluation is nonetheless important. I look forward to our dialog on this site!

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